Testing Lush Products; honest reviews! 

I love everything that Lush stand for; I enjoy being able to browse a shop in the knowledge that I can buy anything from there safely knowing that it is cruelty free, as I only buy cruelty free cosmetics. 

I’ve been buying their bath bombs for a couple of years now, but I decided to branch out a little and test a couple of the other products they offer. 

So I thought i’d test them and very honestely review them! Enjoy

1. Jason and the argan oil shampoo- I find that crulety free makeup is really easy to find, there are lots of lists and websites (various brands like NYX even have “cruelty free” clearly marked on all of their products) but crulety free haircare, not so much. Which is why I went straight to Lush and just had to try one of these cute shampoo bars. You basically lather them up with wet hands,(or you can rub the shampoo bar directly onto wet hair) and I wasnt sure if i’d be able to get enough product from it easily to generously coat my hair (I have really thick, long hair) but it was surprisingly easy. A weak, but nice scent, easy to use, and really long lasting.   I saw a quote saying it lasts up to 80 washes, I wouldnt go that far, but i’ve been using mine every two days for 3 weeks and this is what it looks like

Looks pretty untouched! Still plenty of product left there, no packaging, sometimes with bottles theres shampoo left in it and SO hard to get out, none of that with these shampoo bars. Definitely worth £6.25 i’d say.

Smell ***

Value for money *****

Quality ****

Easy to use ****

2. American Cream hair conditioner (sorry for the ugly picture guys n gals, I was halfway through the bottle before I decided to review it)

I was given a sample of a deep conditioning treatment in Lush that one of the staff reccomended to me, (I cant remember the name but i’m gonna try and find it at weekend, wish me luck) and it was so, so good. My brush literally glided through my hair, my hair hasnt felt that healthy since before I was blonde. So I nipped back in and bought this, assuming the quality would be the same. I was really disappointed ): The smell is AMAZING, a lovely vanilla creamy scent that really lingers on your hair, but it is such a small amount in the bottle for £5.45, (for just 100g), has only lasted 3 washes for me, didnt seem to nourish my hair or make it soft, just made it quite hard to brush. 

Smell *****

Value for money *

Quality **

Easy to use *** (Product becomes hard to remove from the bottle pretty quickly) 

3. Refresher shower jelly 

My first thought on this was wtf, it is literally like a wobbly squishy jelly. Defo more exciting than the old radox in your bathroom cupboards, was really tempting to just fling it about and poke it, (I do have the mentality of a 5 year old though). The smell was really refreshing and citrusy, perfect for a morning shower. You basically just rub it all over yourself (it does jiggle around a bit though and fell in the bath a few times). Its relatively easy to use, smells lovely and lasts for ages. I do find it harder to justify paying so much for a shower gel as opposed to haircare which i’ll happily splash out on. (The price was £4.25)

Smell ****

Value for money ***

Quality ****

Easy to use ***

4. Tisty tosty bathbomb

My favourite bathbomb! For those of you who havent had a lush bathbomb before, you apparently drop it under a running tap but I just plop it straight in the bath, then wait for the colours, or flowers, or whatever is inside to fill your bath! This one has such a lovely floral scent (nice and subtle, not overpowering) and makes your skin feel so good. It really relaxes you, especially if you light a few candles. Also one of the slightly cheaper bathbombs, and it comes in a really cute little heart shape. Only trouble is that when you take the plug out you have got a few soggy little flowers to collect, but thats easy enough! 

Smell ****

Value for money ****

Quality ****

Easy to use *****

Hope my reviews were helpful! 


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