Cruelty free beauty; “Maui Moisture” haircare 


I’m always on the lookout for cruelty free haircare, I feel like it’s harder to come across than cruelty free makeup, cruelty free makeup tends to be quite well known as to which brands do and don’t test on animals where as haircare doesn’t seem to be as clear, so I’m always happy to discover new brands that mark themselves as cruelty free and/or vegan. 

I picked up the shea butter deep conditioner/hair mask for £5.99, and the cocoanut milk shampoo for £5.99, both of which are reduced prices and are usually £8.99. 

The smell and texture of both products were lovely, and after washing my hair in both my brush glided through my hair pretty easily, and after I left it to dry naturally it felt relatively softer and healthier, the dry ends had definitely improved. I will be trying more of these products, I would certainly recommend them, and I prefer them to other cruelty free hair products I have tried like Lush. 




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